Have fun with Animal Paper Clips!


Animal Paper Clips

Animal Paper Clips



Not your average paper clip! These fun animal paper clips combine function with cuteness, a combination not many people can resist. Small in size, but big in personality, these animal paper clips can be enjoyed by anyone. If you’re obsessed with a certain animal you can get a box of 30 clips. If you prefer a smaller amount or you want one of each, you can get them individually! A great gift for yourself or a friend, these animal paper clips are irresistible to anyone!

*This just in! Four brand new Animal Paper Clip designs; Cat, Dog, Bird and Squirrel!*


Close Up Animal Paper Clips

Close Up Animal Paper Clips


5 Responses to “Have fun with Animal Paper Clips!”

  1. Ana says:

    i can’t find your animal paper clips on your website shop can you post a link in this blog?

  2. heather says:

    We sell them here at the store and yes you can use the picture for your collage class. Thanks!

  3. Meagan V says:

    I love these paper clips, and was wondering where I could get one. I was also wondering if I could use this picture for a project in my college class?! Thank you!

  4. heather says:

    We sell them here at the store. We have added quite a few varieties since this post went up as well!

  5. peg says:

    Hello! I would love know where I can find those darling paper clips!

    Thank you!

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