A couple of my favourites…

At The Paper Place, we stock dozens of handmade natural and solid colour washi (Japanese paper.)  These are two of my favourites.

Seikosen Mitsumata       25.5 x 71”

Seikosen Mitsumata

Seikosen Mitsumata

“Seikosen Mitsumata is made by three generations of one family in the Kochi region on the island of Shikoku. It is made from 100% Japanese mitsumata fibre which is cooked in lime and is unbleached; the warm creamy tone is its natural colour. Mitsumata fibre is shorter than kozo and so results in a softer paper. (The Japanese consider mitsumata to be the feminine fibre because of its warm tone and softer feel…) The pronounced laid lines come from the reed screens on which it is made, and the faint wood grain surface texture comes from the wooden boards on which it is dried in the sun. 100% traditional. 100% natural.”

Kizuki Kuromatsu       25 x 37”

Kizuki Kuromatsu

Kizuki Kuromatsu

“Kizuki Kuromatsu is handmade from 100% imported kozo fibre in a region that has specialized for generations in the production of dyed handmade papers. One of the main uses of this particular colour of paper in the west has been for the repair leather in old books!”

Seikosen Mitsumata soaks up dyes and retains a unique softness even after it is treated with konnyaku starch.  I find it impossible to resist Kizuki Kuromatsu; it has a richness of texture and colour that any paper lover would drool over.  I have used both papers in my own work and they are delightful!

Washi information provided by The Japanese Paper Place, inspiring the world through Japanese paper since 1980.


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