Nepalese Lokta Paper

I adore Nepalese paper.  With so many patterns and varieties to choose from, the creative options are endless.  We recently brought in some new patterns to the store (large flower, blobs and pois) which inspired me to share a bit of info on how it’s made and where it comes from…


Large flower and Kongpo Prints

Large flower and Kongpo Prints

Nepali ‘Lokta’ paper is completely handmade from the inner bark of the lokta bush which grows at altitude of 6500 feet to 9500 feet in the foothills of rural Nepal.  Lokta fibers are long, which makes for a very strong and durable paper.  An ideal paper for bookbinding and other paper crafts where strength and flexiblity are an asset.  It’s soft but rustic in appearance, strong and textured.


In addition to Lokta paper’s beauty… Lokta is a renewable resource!  The lokta bush can regenerate to maturity within six years.  So not only is it pretty, Nepali paper is eco-smart too!  All of our Nepalese papers are manufactured using paper production methods that are environmentally conscious and that reduce waste and ecological impact as much as possible.  Paper production is an integral part of the economy of rural Nepal, and is made possible by access to raw materials and local skilled labour.  Paper makers are treated fairly, valued and respected, given health care and fair work policies.  Take a peek at this video of day to day production at the Nepali paper factory.


A variety of Nepalese handmade journals

A variety of Nepalese handmade journals


In addition to flat sheets, we also carry beautiful journals and albums made from beautiful Nepalese lokta papers.  They are available in many wonderful patterns and prints and the handmade craftsmanship is amazing!


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  4. heather says:

    Hi Sarah – we do carry a wide array of Nepalese papers in store. Our online store represents a very small selection of our Japanese papers that we are able to stock in sufficient quantities to offer them both in store and online. Having said that, if there are any papers in the pictures above you are interested in, you could contact us by email and we could process an special order for you. Thanks!!

  5. Sarah says:

    The Nepalese Lokta Papers are beautiful! I didn’t see them on your website. Are you still carrying them?

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