Handmade Envelopes

There are endless things you can do with beautiful Nepalese paper. One of my favourite things is to design my own envelopes with them. They are available in many beautiful patterns that are not overpowering – which makes them a delightful surprise when they are received in the mail. It’s an extra thought that makes the envelope a keepsake rather than just standard machine-made packaging.

Red Envelope

Lined Envelope

To make your own envelopes
you will need:

  • an envelope to copy
  • decorative paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • bone folder
  • glue stick
  • scrap paper

Step 1:

Carefully open envelope.

Step 2:

Trace envelope shape onto decorative paper.

Step 3:

Cut out shape with scissors.

Step 4:

With a bone folder and ruler, score corner to corner to create flaps.

Step 5:

Glue right flap to left and then glue bottom flap up.

Step 6:



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