The Lovely Rob Ryan

Sweet, sentimental and whimsical is the work of London, England based artist Rob Ryan.  His delightful paper cuttings are lovingly hand cut from single sheets of paper.  They are lacy and delicate, absolutely gorgeous!  His dedication to the art of paper cutting is mesmerizing.  Rob Ryan’s finely detailed images are often used to tell precious love stories, like in his book ‘This is For You‘.

This is For You - Rob Ryan

This is For You - Rob Ryan

This is For You‘ is a collection of more than 50 stunning paper cuts that tell the story of a man seeking love in his heart.  ‘This is For You‘ can be found on the bookshelves of the Paper Place and has become a favourite to both staff and patrons.  Discover more of Rob Ryan’s work here at his blog… and maybe get inspired to do some paper cutting of your own!

Paper cut cards by Rob Ryan

Paper cut cards by Rob Ryan

Want to share Rob Ryan’s work with a friend?  Give a little bit of Rob Ryan sentiment with paper cut greeting cards, new to the Paper Place!  Rob Ryan has collaborated with Roger la Borde to bring us these beautiful cards that will surely be appricated by anyone who recieves one.


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  1. Meghan says:

    Rob Ryan is my absolute fav!! I didn’t realise you stock his work. I will have to stop by :)

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