Go Staple Free for 2010!

Innovative office supplies?!  New at The Paper Place are Eco Staple Free Staplers by ‘Made by Humans’!

No more pesky metal bits clogging our landfills or jamming our shredders.  Staple Free is the way to be!  Here is what they do…cute and compact , the staple free stapler punches out a small tab and notch and impressively weaves the paper under the notch.  No muss, no fuss, no staple!

eco Staple Free Stapler Action Shot

eco Staple Free Stapler Action Shot

The staple free stapler is eco friendly because it creates no waste.  It is cost effective because it never has to be refilled, and the punch opening is small, too small for tiny fingers making the staple free stapler totally kid safe!

eco Staple Free Stapler in 5 colours

eco Staple Free Stapler in 5 colours

We’ve put the Staple Free Stapler to the test and it really works.  It passes the pull and shake test holding up to 5 sheets of paper.  Plus it takes up way less space on your desk and comes in 5 neat colours.


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  1. staples says:

    That is an awesome alternative to regular staples, the only problem I would guess is that it probably only works for about 5 pages or less.

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