Paper Cutting with Moriki Kozo!

Paper Cutting is a craft that is practiced all around the world. Quite often only white or black papers are used. However, they can look quite dynamic in coloured papers. Some artists prefer scissors; others sharp blades. In ancient China, Paper Cuts were used to transfer embroidery patterns. In Europe, Paper Cuts were used to cut stencils to decorate furniture, embroidery and lace patterns. Today there are many contemporary artists who do paper cutting; Paper Callesen and Rob Ryan are just two who have stunning bodies of work.

To create a simple window display I decided to make my first attempt at Paper Cutting. Working on a larger scale and using a simple pattern made this job a little easier to attack. We generally like colour in our windows, so I choose to work with our Moriki Kozo papers. These are handmade with over 90% Kozo fibre. They are well suited to bookbinding, conservation and letter press. As a paper cut paper they work extremely well, the blade glides through them like butter. Simply a joy to work with! If you have ever thought of trying Paper Cutting, try using this sumptuous paper!



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  1. Al Herrick says:

    The Hanford St. Gallery in Sutter Creek, CA, is planning a showing of paper art in March 2012, provisionally titled “The Art of Paper Art”, exploring flatness, texture, dimensionality, movement (and other aspects) of paper itself rather than just images on the paper. The work shown might include paper making, sculpture, collage, books, construction, origami, paper cutting, paper fans, paper mache and possibly highly engineered paper containers. Interested artists should contact Al Herrick at:

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