One of the most versatile adhesives we have is the Yamato R-Glue, a removable glue stick. You can make your own post-notes with it by applying a strip of paste across the top of a small piece of paper, giving it a few minutes to “dry” before pressing it to a surface. Use up all those scraps you’ve created! It’s also great for planning your paper collage – lightly stick down each piece to check your composition. Reposition the elements until you’re ready to commit to a more permanent glue for your final work. Another unique product available at The Paper Place.




3 Responses to “R-Glue!”

  1. Franklin says:


    Is it possible to buy R-Glue from you?

    Thank you,

  2. judith says:

    We do not currently offer our adhesives online. However, if you give us a call or send an email, you can purchase one and we will be happy to pop it into the mail for you!

  3. Ruth MacDonald says:

    Will this glue be available for your online customers? Sounds like something every collage artist and anyone who makes and decorates journals could put to good use!

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