“Six by Eight” Exhibit – Opening Reception

Hundreds of local artists responded to our call for submission by picking up a complimentary 6” x 8” card called Etchu Hagaki, handmade in Japan from kozo (mulberry) fibre.

The guidelines for this call were simply to use the paper provided with any media and conform to the 6” x 8” format, resulting in almost 100 submissions from artists of all different backgrounds, levels of training, and creative experience.

six by eight art exhibit

"Six by Eight" art exhibit

This past Thursday evening we closed early for the opening reception.  It was a marvelous evening.  Despite the overwhelming heat in Toronto our store was full of artists and their supporters brimming with enthusiasm for the success of “Six by Eight.”  It was an event that truly celebrated the bold talents of our city’s creative community.

Opening Reception

Opening Reception

As promised, the staff of The Paper Place were assigned the task of agreeing upon first and second place for Best In Show.  It was not an easy decision but, in the end, we managed to narrow down our selections to just two.

"For Four" Theresa Morin

"For Four" Theresa Morin

Theresa Morin took second place with “For Four” (pictured above) – mixed media (photocopy transfer & acrylic.)

"From the Shadows" Katrina Pruss

"From the Shadows" Katrina Pruss

Our first place winner was Katrina Pruss with “From the Shadows” (pictured above) – ink & acrylic.

However, the true star of the show is of course Etchu Hagaki.  Most of what we know and continue to learn about the nature of Washi – handmade, Japanese paper is changed with Hagaki.  Layer upon layer of kozo (mulberry) fibres make this 6” x 8” card an inspiring support for all forms of visual expression.

The exhibit is on view until August 5th.  It is well worth a visit to see these works in person.

..and just between you and me…there is talk of making this an annual event.  So please  join our mailing list to be the first to get the call!


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  1. beckee says:

    You can now purchase Etchu Hagaki through our online shop! Click here for details.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Since I’m in Arizona and can/t come by the store, is there somewhere I can get some of these cards to try myself?

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