Printmaker Vicki Cowan

Vicki Cowan is an award-winning artist and a gifted instructor. Both experimental and productive, she shows new work regularly in a number of venues, and is much in demand as a workshop leader. Because her preference is to explore an idea in depth, Vicki usually makes a series to follow the branches of an original inspiration. Perception, cognition and memory are her particular areas of interest.

Vicki Cowan "Night Line"above: “Night Line”

Vicki’s newest series, Construction Zone, is a collage series that both celebrates and evaluates a life based in the urban environment.

Vicki Cowan "Protest"above: “Protest”

Vicki Cowan "Sixth Floor"above: “Sixth Floor”

Each piece has been built with wood, metal, resin and paper, mainly recycled from her own prints. They vary in size up to a maximum of 12″ x 18.”

Vicki Cowan "Up"above: “Up”

Vicki Cowan "Out of Town"above: “Out of Town”

Visit Vicki’s website to see more work as well as information on her many events and workshops both in and out of town.


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  1. arounna says:

    beautiful work Vicki

  2. Kate says:

    I love her collages! Beautiful and a great sense of space.

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