Fuwa Fuwa – Japanese Paper Clay

Fuwa Fuwa is Japanese for “soft like a cloud.”  This is an unusual modelling material from Japan. Very soft and malleable, but very light.  Little sculptures dry completely overnight and don’t shrink in size at all!

Fuwa Fuwa - Japanese Paper ClayWhen it is still soft, you can mix ink or glitter into it.  My acrylic paints spread easily on the dried surface.

Fuwa Fuwa - Japanese Paper Clay. Creatures

You can create jewelry, ornaments, sculptures, the possibilities are endless!


3 Responses to “Fuwa Fuwa – Japanese Paper Clay”

  1. Perry says:

    Can I buy the Japanese Paper Clay Fuwa Fuwa online ? I cannot find a link on this webpage ( or any other ???)
    If so from where and can I buy it in bulk quantities ? And at what price ?

  2. heather says:

    Hello Laetitia – thank you for your comment! What is it you are interested in knowing about the paper clay? The packaging we have is in Japanese so most of our knowledge comes from experimenting with the product.

  3. carpentier says:

    Excuse me, because my english is so bad, but can you give me more explain from paper fuma fuma?
    I am so interesting for send this in france.
    Thank you so much,

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