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About Our Upcoming Workshop – Relief Printmaking By Hand on March 5th

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Instructor, Victoria Cowan sent us these photos from past sessions of this workshop.

Call us to sign up. It is filling up fast!!!

Printmaking Day

One day is enough to feed your creative urge and make some beautiful work. Try this low-tech workshop in printmaking without a press.AkuaWoodblock(sml)This approach is simple, economical and lots of fun. We will explore the many ways to create a relief print. The skills and methods that are introduced can be developed on your own without expensive or toxic equipment or materials. You will never run out of new possibilities.

RainbowSaturday March 5, 2011, 10 am – 4 pm.


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Winter into Spring Complete Workshops & Events!

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

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Lindsay Zier-Vogel – Bookmaking 2011!

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Looking back on 2009, I realized early in 2010 that my book making had petered out. I’d get ideas, but the execution of even a small run seemed daunting. But I missed it. To me, there’s nothing like that moment when a bunch of paper stuck together becomes a book. I’ve taught bookbinding in the school system for years, and that ‘aha’ moment is my very favourite moment of every single workshop. I never get sick of it.Lindsay Zier-Vogel Bookmaking

So in January of 2010, I decided that I would make one book a month, just one. Of course, I ended up making small runs every now and then, but the goal was just one, and it was totally manageable. In fact, it was exciting – I’d spend the month thinking, gathering, collecting and sketching out ideas. It was a far more thoughtful process than my previous manic-crazy-run-out-of-paper-mid-way-through-book-making adventures.

Truth be told, many books got made at midnight on the 31st of the month, but I still did it, a book every single month. And I pushed myself to experiment with different ideas I’d often been meaning to play with – paper cutting, letterpressing and pop-ups (still need to play around more with this one!).

Looking at them all now, it’s clear that I am smitten with Nepalese paper for its forgiving nature and almost fabric-like texture. I also love St. Armand paper. It cuts like a dream, and holds letterpressed ink like nobody’s business.

I’m going to continue the book-a-month project in 2011. I was thinking I should push myself and try new papers…and I will, but I’m going to focus on collaborations this year. Songwriter-photographer-fibre-and-art friends, beware!

Happy making. 2011’s going to be a good one, I can feel it!

ps: here’s a run down of my 2010 books


New Workshops for 2011 – more to come…

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

These are just a few of the workshops that we will be hosting in the coming months.  Stay tuned for the rest of the line-up…

These amazing workshops are already filling up!  Call us or drop by to register.


Love Is In The Air – Valentine’s Day Origami

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Here at The Paper Place we are anticipating Valentine’s Day and all of the fun projects that it brings. My personal contribution to the love inspired store displays this year are some Valentine’s Day themed origami.

Here are my two favorite projects…

The Messenger Heart with Wings

The Sweetheart Dress

I found both of these in our most beautiful book on origami, Crease + Fold.

This book is full of lovely photographs and fun patterns to inspire. Have fun and stay warm!