Post Holiday Thank You Cards – Lindsay Zier-Vogel

If there’s one thing that’s necessary after the madness of the holidays, it’s thank you cards and the lazy lull after Christmas was a perfect time to get crafting.

I’m often a solitary maker, hauling out all of my paper bits and making a mess by myself, but I find I get stuck quite easily and end up making a million of the same cards and am so bored half way through a bunch end up unfinished.

But this year, a friend came over, with her heaps of paper and craft supplies and we ended up having a six hour card-making-marathon. It was fabulous. It’s amazing what someone else’s crafting supplies can do to up the creativity!

Kristy had snowflake punches I couldn’t stop playing with and we got our hands mucky with glue and stamps and washi tape and glitter (which is positively dangerous!) and traded bits of chiyogami. I’m still in awe that we were at it for six full hours, fueled by gingerbread and endless cups of coffee, but we ended the day with a stack of cards and plans for more paper-y dates in the new year!


3 Responses to “Post Holiday Thank You Cards – Lindsay Zier-Vogel”

  1. Cheryl says:

    What a great idea! Your cards look great. You have inspired me to pull out my crafting supplies for next week to make some cards for the upcoming year :)

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  3. Laura says:

    A little jealous – it sounds like so much fun! I love the cupcake especially. :) Hopefully this inspires me to get ahead of my cardmaking for the year rather then trying to come up with something awesome the day I need to give it!

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