Paper Treats for a Winter Picnic – by Lindsay Zier-Vogel

This winter has seemed like it will never end and has made picnic season feel like a figment of my imagination. So I decided to do away with dreams of sundresses and sunshine and replace them with dreams of snowpants and sunshine. Winter picnic time!
paper snowflakes I cut out paper snowflakes and hung them from the bare branches over our picnic blankets and for my intrepid, bundled picnickers, I made lootbags (because who doesn’t love getting a lootbag!!)

For the lootbags, I made paper garlands by sewing up paper circles on my sewing machine, and mini-bunting with paper triangles sewn to ribbon. So easy and so very festive!

I used brown paper lunch bags for the loot and sewed them up with a zig zag stitch across a doily – easy peasy! Also in the lootbags were gold star stickers, kazoos, and gingerbread s’mores and a sprinkle of good ol’ fashioned l-o-v-e.

More winter picnick-y fun here.

Lindsay Zier-Vogel


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