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A thousand paper cranes for Japan!

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

We have been contacted by many different organizations since the tragedy in Japan looking for us to donate paper for various 1000 paper crane projects. One of these requests came from Joanne who has launched a website called A Thousand Paper Cranes for Japan. Together with True Essence Media they filmed a beautiful video here at the store and across the street in Trinity Bellwoods Park.  Visit her website for more info on the project and to learn how you can participate.

a thousand paper cranes for Japan from true essence media on Vimeo.


Linear Inspiration

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Great architecture and interiors are always a wonderful source of inspiration. The contrast of the cream coloured walls and black iron in this staircase inspired me to create these works of art using kozo paper, sumi ink and my basic sewing skills. I first drew lines with ink on the handmade paper and then cut them into pieces. I rearranged the segments and stitched them back together. I love how the idea of rigid lines can be transformed into something languid without losing their character.

The Inspiration

Kozo Paper and Sumi Ink


The Wonder of Washi and Light.


Modern take on the Classic Paper Chain

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

There is a nostalgia around paper chains for me.  I can remember sitting at my craft desk as a kid, piecing one together and feeling so satisfied by my accomplishment.  That is why I was so delighted when flipping through the pages of a new book in store, I came across a modern paper chain.  It is like a paper chain for adults!  All the fun of the classic paper chain, but with 100% more style.

Modern Paper Craft by Margaret Van Sicklen

The modern paper chain is just one of many fun projects in the new book Modern Paper Craft by Margaret Van Sicklen.  She has divided the book into 5 great sections: folding, cutting, scoring, pleating and recycling.  It has a little bit of everything for a paper fan.  Clear and concise diagrams make projects easy to follow.  In addition, it may sound silly, but a big bonus for the book is that it is spiral bound!  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to follow along with a book that keeps flying shut!

So my suggestion, as spring approaches, dress it up (whatever it may be) with a stylish paper chain.  Grab a book, get inspired and get a bit of colour and craft happening!


This week – 10% of sales to go to Japan relief efforts!

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

At The Paper Place we have a very special connection to the country of Japan and our hearts are breaking as we watch this tragedy unfold. We have decided that for the week of March 14th- March 20th we will donate 10% of our in-store and online sales to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami fund. If you are looking to stock up on Japanese papers or were waiting to purchase those supplies for your wedding invitations – this is the week! If your paper stock is flush, please consider making a donation to The Red Cross or any of the other reputable charities accepting donations.


Chiyogami Butterfly Party Favour Bubbles!

Monday, March 14th, 2011

My daughter is turning four this week and this past Saturday was her party. I was faced with the task of putting together a large number of loot bags in a fairly short period of time. Here is one of the items that made it in, bubbles dressed up with a little Chiyogami!

I bought some fairly standard mini bubbles but thought they were lacking a little colour so I decided to give them a quick makeover with some fairly standard craft supplies that you might have lying around. I used a butterfly punch, a small hole punch, some decorative twine and some small pieces of Chiyogami paper that I had in my scrap drawer.

I punched out the butterflies, then punched a small hole in them and tied them to the bubbles – simple! They looked a lot more festive in a very short period of time. Chiyogami to the rescue!