Book Binding- A Beginner’s Project

This week I was determined to bind myself a book. I am a complete beginner to the whole process so I made sure to use a straight forward, and clear instructional book for my first project.

Bookcraft by Heather Weston is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to learn the basics of book binding.

Not only are there a number of simple and classic projects, but the entire book starts with an amazing introduction outlining all the materials and tools needed, with pictures!

I had great fun choosing my papers and gathering all the supplies …

I chose two of my favourite handmade Nepalese papers for the cover and end pages.

I really enjoyed the process! I know I’ll need a bit more experience before my products come out even and aligned, but that’s all part of the charm.

Et voila!

Now on to the next project! But, just let me stare at this one for a few hours longer…


3 Responses to “Book Binding- A Beginner’s Project”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Judith – I think the idea of a multi-day bookbinding workshop is great. Looking forward to the piano hinge book binding workshop coming up too.
    Nora – your book looks fantastic – great job!

  2. judith says:

    We often hold bookbinding workshops for beginner’s in the evenings. In fact, we have a piano hinge book workshop coming up in March. Because our workshops are held for only a few hours we often modify projects so that they are attainable. Nora was at this one for the better part of a day! Perhaps, in the future, we can look at doing multi-day workshops for larger projects like this one.

  3. Poopie says:

    Very Nice. Willing to teach this at the Paper Place as a class?

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