Chiyogami Butterfly Party Favour Bubbles!

My daughter is turning four this week and this past Saturday was her party. I was faced with the task of putting together a large number of loot bags in a fairly short period of time. Here is one of the items that made it in, bubbles dressed up with a little Chiyogami!

I bought some fairly standard mini bubbles but thought they were lacking a little colour so I decided to give them a quick makeover with some fairly standard craft supplies that you might have lying around. I used a butterfly punch, a small hole punch, some decorative twine and some small pieces of Chiyogami paper that I had in my scrap drawer.

I punched out the butterflies, then punched a small hole in them and tied them to the bubbles – simple! They looked a lot more festive in a very short period of time. Chiyogami to the rescue!


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  1. Jaime says:

    I love these! You made ordinary bubbles super cute!

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