More inspirations on letter-writing by Jaime Maddalena!

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Since the city is all filled with flowers lately this Italian decorative paper seemed fitting to use for some letter-writing.

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I took two large sheets of paper and cut out and glued together envelopes then trimmed down some small sheets of paper to fit.  This yielded eight envelopes and tons of writing paper.

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Instead of labels I typed the addresses on green and blue tissue paper and glued them onto the envelopes.  Add a few vintage provincial flower stamps and it’s complete!

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Here are a few things that make for fun letter-writing on hot summery days like today:
– Ice cream sandwich breaks.
– Homemade lemonade.
– Taking a blanket and writing supplies to the park for some breezy outdoor writing.

Thanks Jaime!

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2 Responses to “More inspirations on letter-writing by Jaime Maddalena!”

  1. Crystal says:

    First of all I WILL be coming to The Paper Place store front next time I am in Toronto. Get post Jamie! I love that you use tissue paper to put the address on, I have always used it as accept colour splashes on envelopes but never will the typewriter. I must try this!

    Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you all have a wonderful and creative June!
    Much Love,

  2. Laura says:

    Lovely! Writing in the park is such a nice idea.

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