The Not-Papers


Some of our most intriguing art materials are papers that are not really papers at all.

We carry a very thin Japanese wood veneer mounted on a piece of blue paper causing the wood to appear tinted.  There is a sheet of paper-backed cork slices as well, and a selection of more substantial wood veneers in both single or double sided.  One of the earliest man-made writing surfaces is papyrus reeds, woven together and pounded into a solid sheet, of which we have several varieties.

All of these are terrific for texture in multimedia collage or design projects!



2 Responses to “The Not-Papers”

  1. heatherm says:

    Hi Bob!
    Unfortunately we only have a small amount of our vast paper selection available through our online shop. If you would like to order one of these papers, just give us a call and we can accommodate an order for you over the phone!

  2. bob verge says:

    I can’t seem to locate this product in your online shop.
    any help/

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