Back to Class!

Summer is almost over and class is nearly back in session.  For us stationery nerds, the best part about going back to school is getting all your supplies in order!  Here are some things to make note taking a little more enjoyable.

- eco friendly, staple free stapler
- boombox pen case
- slide clips for binding papers
- cute and colourful pens
- animal paperclips
- the only pencil sharpener you will ever need again, made in Germany
- moleskine ruled notebook
- puzzle point makers to mark your page or important notes
- sleek brass pen
- pen holder to hook your pen to your notebook
- durable and stickable pockets for stashing bits


- fill in the date day planners, jump in and out of the week/month as you wish
- fountain pen and colourful ink cartridges 
- scribble hair and highlighter heads for crossing out the mistakes and marking the important dates
- numbered month tabs

These are just a few of the things we have in store to make going back to class just a little sweeter!



4 Responses to “Back to Class!”

  1. Jillian says:

    I’ve have been searching the web to find a proper link to purchase the ‘fill in the date planner’ you featured…. would you be able to share the link where you got yours?

  2. petra says:

    BlairW – The planners are by a brand called Mark’s. They are perpetual calendars, so you can fill in the dates yourself! They come in 3 colours and are $7.95.

  3. BlairW says:

    i love that day planner! did you design it yourself? what brand is it?

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