Last Chance to check out 6 x 8 exhibitors! First chance to start organizing your year ahead!

As the most recent inductee into The Paper Place family, I feel privileged to have not only inspiring customers, but artful and talented coworkers. Before the de-installation of our annual 6 x 6 exhibition on Friday, September 30, come in and take a look at the beautiful art works for sale! Given the mixture of media, everyone is sure to find something that suits their artistic tastes. Here is what The Paper Place staff members had to contribute:

What a beautiful variety of ways to explore Japanese Washi. I can’t wait to see next year’s submissions, so start flexing your artistic muscles now in preparation!

Another reason to pop into The Paper Place is the multitude of new calendars we have in for the 2012 year. Wall calendars, desk calendars, and day planners, oh my! Cavallini & Co. offer intricately designed calendars for the discerning sophisticate while Art Print Japan have created playful time-keepers that remind us to keep our youthful sides alive. A perfect birthday or holiday gift, these calendars as charming as all-get-out!

Each page of these Art Print Japan desk calendars feature adorable wooden forest animals. How darling!

Interesting design meets interactivity with these popular slide calendars. Just select the correct month and pull the co-ordinating tag!


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