Mad about Wu!

Here at The Paper Place we are proud to support local artists who work with paper. One such artist is Robert Wu, whose beautiful and unique hand-marbled graphics have been a mainstay at our store for years. Recently, Mr. Wu has surprised us with some beautiful new creations that we just had to share:

Brand New Hand-Marbled Papers

Hand-Marbled Umbrella Mobile

Letterpress Gift Tags

Wu’s website, showcases his diverse artistic practice, which includes bookbinding, gilding, boxmaking, and marbling. As always, we carry a selection of Wu’s original Hand-Marbled Graphics in our store, which are a favourite of both our staff and our customers. To create these one-of-a-kind prints, Wu floats coloured ink on a bath of liquid size (a substance applied to paper during manufacturing that reduces the ability for water to absorb into it). The colours are manipulated with combs and rakes to create a pattern. A sheet of chemically treated paper is then laid on the bath, thereby transferring the pattern to the paper. Each print is unique and has a distinctive organic look. Here are some additional examples of  Wu’s amazing artwork:




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