Beautiful DIY Advent Calendar from The Marion House Book

I was thrilled to come across this stunning DIY advent calendar project by Marion Melborne of The Marion House Book using many little trickets from the store.

Marion has posted instructions and gorgeous photos of her process on her blog.  Check it out and be inspired!


3 Responses to “Beautiful DIY Advent Calendar from The Marion House Book”

  1. Annie says:

    I LOVE advent calendars! I purchased this lovely DIY one from etsy today! I like that its a little more jesusy. AND its so pretty.

  2. Rumah Dijual says:

    calendar is beautiful, very creative

  3. Rin Dawson says:

    I stumbled across your blog & have fallen in love! My head is dizzy from all the beautiful things! I have a blog dedicated to my love of all things mail-ish & postal too! I will be keeping an eye on you guys! :) Peace, Love & Happy Holidays!
    – Rin @ Papered Thoughts

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