It’s snowing origami snowflakes!


These paper snowflakes look quite complex, but should be no problem for the intermediate paper folder to master.  The model was created by origamist Dennis Walker and has been demonstrated in an easy to follow video by Sara Adams.



The Snowflake starts from a hexagon. Cutting an accurate hexagon might be the hardest part to making these little lovelies, but Sara has also posted a great tutorial on how to do that without too much trouble.  Once you have that part down the actual folding should be a breeze!

I tried making this sweet snowflake out of a few different papers. I got the best results from two Japanese papers I tested, Tarasen dots and one of the many pretty Sukashi patterned papers. The translucency of these two papers makes for a beautiful effect when the snowfakes are placed against a window or somewhere else light passes through.


Since these may just be the only snow we see in Toronto this December… why not make a cup of cocca, settle in and fold yourself your very own paper winter wonderland!



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  1. Faith says:

    Beautiful! Now to find the time to try this out…


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