The Gift of Gratitude

One part of the holidays that is almost as important as giving and receiving lovely gifts is saying thank you to our friends and loved ones who give us lovely things. What better way to spend a crummy early-January day than by making them beautiful cards to show appreciation?!

Here is a small round-up of cards made with our Make-Your-Own-Card Kits and beautiful decorative papers:

A few different cards

Good inspiration could be taken from any gifts that you received. Personally, I was given several sweaters this year!

This one has a surprise envelope liner made from the paper around the cut-out!

Another is inspired by artist Rob Ryan’s beautiful paper cut-outs. We have lots of products adorned with his beautiful artwork in the store as well, including notebooks, bunting, umbrellas and plates!

Cut out of handmade Nepalese paper.

Warm hats, mitts, and scarves; a staple for any Canadian Christmas!

A project like this could also be a great way to recycle wrapping paper. Why not try making cards out of the paper that your gifts came wrapped in!


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