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Pushing Boundaries with Paper

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

With February already nipping at our heels, I began to wonder what inspiring art events and projects would fill my month. Something I am really looking forward to is Toronto-based artist Shary Boyle’s upcoming collaborative performance with singer and songwriter Christine Fellows at the Harbourfront Centre. Everything Under the Moon is a modern take on the shadow play with all of its fantasy, mystery, and paper-cut magic! Boyle and Fellows will use overhead projectors, paper puppets, costumes and a variety of musical instruments to transport their audience into the world of a honey bee and a small bat, bound by friendship, on their quest to save their respective species.

If I can expect anything of Everything Under the Moon, I imagine the visual spectacle will demonstrate what we at The Paper Place are always on about: paper possesses the ability to assume evocative and concrete form while simultaneously maintaining the ephemerality of the shadows these forms produce. Paper can do and be anything you wish!

Boyle’s method of hand-manipulating her illustrations and paper sculptures atop a lit overhead projector reminded me of several precedents in art theatrical history that really expose paper’s versatility as a medium. Lotte Reiniger’s seminal 1926 animation, The Adventures of Prince Achmed, features intricately filigreed paper cut-outs that stutter and dance across the screen. Take a look at how lively Reiniger’s paper puppets were!

And what about traditional Indonesian shadow puppetry, called Wayang Kulit?

So, chase those February doldrums away with a eyeful of fantasy and a bit of shadow play! In fact, why not grab some colourful paper, a few X-Acto knives, and a bright light source and put on a shadow play of your own. A delight for all ages to be sure!



Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

If our front window bursting with giant red hearts is any indication, LOVE is definitely in the air here at The Paper Place! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is a great time to pick up a small gift or a witty greeting card for your loved one(s). We also hope to inspire you with love-themed craft supplies such as pink & red Divine Twine, wooden hearts and heart-shaped rubber stamps.

Nick hung these big hearts in the window by weaving strips of Nepalese paper through slits in the hearts. I made the little heart garlands (on the right side of the photo) by threading Divine Twine through small cut-out heart shapes.

Any of these items would make a great Valentine’s Day gift… Wooden Love Birds & Squirrelly Love sets, Love Me Tender & Love Story music boxes, You’re Sew Sweet greeting card.

Another great gift idea… Rob Ryan His ‘n’ Her Mug set. We also have a decorative plate set featuring his intricate paper cut-outs.

For the many loves in your life… Happy Valentine’s Day boxed cards! And to decorate… heart shaped Nepalese paper garlands, and pink washi tape.

We have an enormous selection of Valentine’s Day greeting cards available at the store. From left, Saving All My Love For You card by Egg Press (hearts in jars!) You’re A Fox card and beautifully illustrated Happy Valentine’s Day card by Rifle Paper Co.

This is For You by Rob Ryan, You’re Growing On Me and You Float My Boat cards by Egg Press (love the hairy dude!) wooden hearts, and pink, red & white Divine Twine for Valentine’s Day crafting.

Also available… fancy paper treat bags, cupcake stands, scrapbooking stacks, and heart shapes paperclips!


Stunning Japanese Prints – Sogara Yuzen

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

We have some very beautiful things in our paper drawers that can sometimes be overlooked.  One of these hidden gems is our luscious Sogara Yuzen!

Sogara Yuzen - Pink

detail of Sogara Yuzen - Katcho Fugetsu

Sogara Yuzen papers are approximately 24X36 inches in size and depict single image scenes in brilliant colors. They are similar to our Chiyogami papers, made using the same silk screen printing technique by hand. However, unlike Chiyogami that is a repeating patten with 5 or less colours the Sogara Yuzen uses 12 or more colours to make one beautiful print.

detail of Sogara Yuzen - Gold

detail of Sogara Yuzen - Flying Cranes

These Japanese papers are gorgeous works of art, suitable for framing and hanging in your home.  Available in 9 varieties, they make wonderful gifts and should definitely not be overlooked!

Sogara Yuzen - Old Streets



Fold and Mail Can Be Just As Creative

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Fold and mail letters are my new best friend. They’re quick, easy and, best of all, pretty! Letter-writing can sometimes feel like a long and involved process. These letters are stationery and envelope all in one. So break out a favourite pen and gluestick and get writing!

P.S. Somehow these wintery landscape stamps seemed to suit the sweet floral letters.


Paper, Texture . . . Light.

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Working with paper allows me to indulge my spontaneous nature. Experimentation and accident dictate what the final work will look like. I love it when that “light bulb” feeling hits and you know what has to happen next. This particular work started when I decided to dip the ends of some Yuki Gampi pieces that I had left over from another project into some watered down Sumi Ink. I crumpled the paper in my hands when it was dry, which is something I love to do. The sound and the feel of the paper surrendering to my touch drives me “crazy”. I didn’t want the ombred pieces to just lie flat so I needed to think of way to animate them. Light bulb! I cut long strips of Moriki Kozo Azuki and twisted them in my hands to create rope to string everything together. A really boring task that took longer to do than I expected!! I punched holes in the paper using a Martha Stewart screw punch and strung the pieces together. Paper, Texture . . . Light!