Paper, Texture . . . Light.

Working with paper allows me to indulge my spontaneous nature. Experimentation and accident dictate what the final work will look like. I love it when that “light bulb” feeling hits and you know what has to happen next. This particular work started when I decided to dip the ends of some Yuki Gampi pieces that I had left over from another project into some watered down Sumi Ink. I crumpled the paper in my hands when it was dry, which is something I love to do. The sound and the feel of the paper surrendering to my touch drives me “crazy”. I didn’t want the ombred pieces to just lie flat so I needed to think of way to animate them. Light bulb! I cut long strips of Moriki Kozo Azuki and twisted them in my hands to create rope to string everything together. A really boring task that took longer to do than I expected!! I punched holes in the paper using a Martha Stewart screw punch and strung the pieces together. Paper, Texture . . . Light!




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  1. Nick says:

    Yes, Victoria! I played around with all-sorts of different lighting and hanging options. It can really make a difference in the mood of the piece!

  2. heather says:


  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Nick. And I imagine that it also changes all the time with the ambient lighting too?

  4. Renata says:


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