Fold and Mail Can Be Just As Creative

Fold and mail letters are my new best friend. They’re quick, easy and, best of all, pretty! Letter-writing can sometimes feel like a long and involved process. These letters are stationery and envelope all in one. So break out a favourite pen and gluestick and get writing!

P.S. Somehow these wintery landscape stamps seemed to suit the sweet floral letters.


3 Responses to “Fold and Mail Can Be Just As Creative”

  1. sheba says:

    love fold & mail! i have two pads sitting here, just waiting to be used. [i think i’ve sent two letters from each pad. :( ]

  2. MaeMae says:

    oh my goodness!! mama like! can i ask you what brand it is and if it is possible to order online?? i don’t see it in your shop.

  3. flora says:

    I remember those when I was in school. Love them! Do you carry that pad pictured in the store?

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