Stunning Japanese Prints – Sogara Yuzen

We have some very beautiful things in our paper drawers that can sometimes be overlooked.  One of these hidden gems is our luscious Sogara Yuzen!

Sogara Yuzen - Pink

detail of Sogara Yuzen - Katcho Fugetsu

Sogara Yuzen papers are approximately 24X36 inches in size and depict single image scenes in brilliant colors. They are similar to our Chiyogami papers, made using the same silk screen printing technique by hand. However, unlike Chiyogami that is a repeating patten with 5 or less colours the Sogara Yuzen uses 12 or more colours to make one beautiful print.

detail of Sogara Yuzen - Gold

detail of Sogara Yuzen - Flying Cranes

These Japanese papers are gorgeous works of art, suitable for framing and hanging in your home.  Available in 9 varieties, they make wonderful gifts and should definitely not be overlooked!

Sogara Yuzen - Old Streets



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