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You Say “Goodbye”, I say “Hello”!

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Sometimes you just feel like saying hello. These cards fit my recent letter-writing mood perfectly. I adore the nostalgic designs. Remember rotary dial telephones? I sure do!

I made little packets of sweet dot stickers and tucked them into the envelopes. I love getting tiny surprises enclosed in letters, so here is hoping my penpals will be delighted too!

The letters were completed with current Queen postage, stamped with vintage-looking rubber stamps and sealed with gold and white striped washi tape. I’m off to the mailbox now.

Happy writing!



Lime Cordial with a Crunch

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Gampi Silk Tissue is probably one of the sexiest papers we carry. It’s not at all expensive and it delivers with a bang. It’s subtle silky sheerness demands attention and can be manipulated into just about anything. I’ve painted small pieces with watered down acrylic paints and let them sit to dry. What I ended up with were these concentrated wedges of sugary lime. After crumpling the sections in my hands I was presented with these skin-like membranes that bustled like a taffeta prom dress. I glued the individual parts together in a “Nip/Tuck” fashion and here is the wonderfully bitter result.


Exciting New Workshops!!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

DIY Paperlicious Flowers - Wed. Feb22nd - 6:30-8:30pm - $50

At The Wedding Co. we believe that taking the time to hand make something for your wedding or shower makes the celebration even more personal and memorable. In fact the final product isn’t what you will love most about getting crafty, it is the time you take to make it.

So spend an evening with The Wedding Co. and The Paper Place and learn how to make a beautiful bouquet made out of something as simple and inexpensive as tissue paper.

Cherri Moote's Make Your Own Rubber Stamps - Wed. Feb28th - 6:30-8:30pm - $50

With a sharp blade and a steady hand, you can create your own rubber stamps! In order to maximize your success with this craft we will look at many examples of successful hand carved stamps and at a number of good sources for simple, clear designs. You will learn about the different tools you can use for carving and the different types of materials that can be used to make stamps. Each student will have the opportunity to make one stamp and a greeting card in class.

Nick Rubi's Wet Media on Washi - Tues. Mar.6th - 6:30-8:30pm - $45

Wet Media on Washi provides an opportunity to experiment with watercolour, ink, and acrylic media on a diverse selection of Japanese handmade paper. Within this loosely formatted workshop, expose yourself to the textures, surfaces, and levels of absorbency that make Washi so unique! Moisture and colour bring handmade paper to life, creating artwork that can stand alone or be further manipulated into paper sculpture!

For paper lovers and painters alike, Wet Media on Washi will be a playful way to cross the traditional boundaries of art making. All skill levels are welcome!

Maggie Krawczyk's Kokeshi Dolls - Tues. Mar.13th - 6:30-8:30pm - $45

Come and learn the art of creating Japanese Kokeshi Dolls!

Kokeshi are wooden dolls made with simple painted facial features and elaborate kimonos.
One doesn’t have to be an artist to create these little works of art, as you can use printed chiyogami paper supplied by The Paper Place.

All materials will be provided for this class, and at the end, you will go home with your own, unique kokeshi doll!

Corinna vanGerwen's Cookie Exchange - Wed. Mar. 21st - 6:30-8:30pm - $45

Combat the mid-winter blues with a social evening of sharing and wrapping sweets — because cookie exchanges shouldn’t be limited to the holidays! Learn how to box, bag and wrap baked goods in pretty packages for giving as gifts and favours. We’ll show you several techniques — including how to make your own colourful twist ties — then you’ll have a chance to test out your creativity by experimenting with our treasure trove of materials to package your own cookies. Students are asked to bring a batch or two of cookies for wrapping.

Heather Marchand's Fuwa Fuwa - Japanese Paper Clay Molding - Wed. Mar. 28th - 6:30-8:30pm - $45

Fuwa Fuwa is Japanese for “soft like a cloud”, a description that perfectly suits this unusual Japanese paper-based modeling material. This malleable clay solidifies with exposure to air, becoming as light as a feather in the process. The endless possibilities of Fuwa Fuwa accommodate your artistic tastes, no matter your skill level! Join us for a fun and exploratory evening with paper clay. You will learn techniques for shaping and sculpting as well as colouring, dying and finishing your pieces. Your end products will make perfect embellishments, gifts and tiny works of art!

Mariel Kelly's Card Making 101 - Tues. Apr. 3rd - 6:30-8:30pm - $45

Whether you are new to card making or just want to try out some new ideas, this is the workshop for you! Spend the evening playing and experimenting with our treasure chest of paper crafting tools – rubberstamps, paper punches, ribbon, eyelets, glitter and more. We will share some tips and techniques and show you sample cards to follow but feel free to let your imagination go and create your own unique greeting cards!

Interested in a workshop or two? All you need to do is register!

Payment is required upon registration for all workshops to guarantee a space. You may register in person at the store or by phone with a credit card. Withdrawal allowed up to three days before the workshop. There are no refunds after that time. Unfortunately we do not have access to washroom facilities at the store. Adult participants only please (unless specifically stated).

Call us at: (416) 703-0089 – 887 Queen St. West, Toronto, On. M6J 1G5


Step Outside the Box with Paper!

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

One of the most exciting components of art practice is appropriating one medium’s process in the creation of another. Techniques are transferrable–a point that is demonstrated by a great book we carry at The Paper Place called Babygami: Baby Wrapping for Beginners. This book is an instructional guide on effectively using origami folds to swaddle a baby. What a novel idea!

Babygami features step-wise instructions to help you fold your baby (or your new niece/nephew!) into a blanket as if the cloth were paper.

Taking inspiration from this book, I began thinking about other slippages between art practice and medium. Many of the staff at The Paper Place, myself included, possess sewing skills in addition to paper acuity. The result? Sewing paper!

Take a look at the project I executed with Babygami in mind. Though I completed the project using embroidery floss and canvas, the same could have been done using a lovely long piece of Mura Itaboshi Udaban. This paper measures 16.5 x 56 inches, making it perfect for a landscape-oriented project!

I appropriated the page layout and swaddle folds in order to tell the story of how some adults, “Adam” in this case, swaddle themselves in their comforters as they sleep. Et voila! “Adam-gami: Adam Wrapping for Beginners”! A comical twist on both origami and the traditional baby swaddling technique, my sewing project incorporated elements of paper art, sewing, and story-telling.

And so I challenge you to step beyond the borders typical art technique: try using paper as sculpture or fabric as paper. Mix materials with techniques create a unique style of art!


Super Fabulous Scrap Bag Sale!

Monday, February 13th, 2012

A few times a year, The Paper Place offers a chance for the public to have their fill of our beautiful paper off-cuts. Come and purchase one of two bag sizes and fill it up! As long as we can close the bag, the scraps inside are yours to keep. With beautiful papers such as Chiyogami, Katazome, Japanese tissues and decoratives, you’ll be sure to find something you love. The sale runs from 10-5 pm on Saturday, February 25 and 12-4 pm on Sunday, February 26 at our sale space, which is located around the corner from the store at 198 Walnut Avenue, Unit 2.

Such a great sale generates a lot of foot traffic, so bear in mind that things can get very busy around the bins. Luckily, the sale is running all day on Saturday and Sunday, allowing plenty of time for everyone to collect neat supplies for their art and scrap-booking needs.