Hearts can travel through the mail!

As soon as I saw this pink, red and white twine I knew some mini Valentines were just waiting to be crafted. First, I typed little messages in red on heavy weight paper, then I sewed hearts around the messages. The hearts turned out a little lopsided, but sometimes those imperfections make things sweeter. I tucked them into tiny pink and white patterned bags and sealed them with gorgeous floral washi tape.

I hope your mailboxes are filled with love this Valentine’s Day!



Items available at The Paper Place:

Divine Twine
Handmade Meishi (Japanese for “business card”)
Chevron Bitty Bags
Washi Tape in a wide variety of colours
Envelopes in a range of colours and sizes


3 Responses to “Hearts can travel through the mail!”

  1. The Paper Place says:

    Hi Cathy & Faith,

    Thanks for your comments. We are in the (very long and tedious!) process of redoing our online store and switching to another format. Once that work is completed we will be adding lots more products to the website, after uploading the 100’s of papers that are already available. In the meantime you can contact us my phone or email and place an order for the meishi or washi tape and we can process it and send it out to you in the mail :)


  2. cathy says:

    Hi there – being Canadian I was so happy to find this lovely paper place in our Country – yeah – so proud, I actually found you in an American publication (Somerset Art Journalling) where an artist refered to your store on her blog – yipppeeee
    I am in Montreal and so wish you had a retail store front here ; (
    Can I get that beautiful flora washi tape you show in this post online? I looked in the online store but couldn’t find tapes at all

  3. Faith says:

    Love these! Wish those little meishi were available online…


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