Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers! Cards Galore!

For most people, celebrating Valentine’s Day involves giving at least one person a card. With the variety of cute and sweetly designed cards at The Paper Place, your Valentine for 2012 does not have to be limited to your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. How about sending mumsy a card? Or maybe your little brother, who is overseas at school? What if your best friend is the person you really want to send some love to this year? Well, take a peek at these cards–perfect for any deserving recipient!

Either of these cards is perfect for a best friend, a sibling, or maybe good old granny. A little note of love that is decorative, floral, and kind!

These two cards are inflected with a sentiment closer to romantic love, but can work equally well for partners, friends, and family. Having hearts in the design will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Finally, sometimes whimsical design and a cute catch phrase delivers your Valentine’s Day sentiment best. This pair of cards is best kept for lovers! Telling your special person how they make you feel on a daily basis is as darling as the glasses and birds in the respective cards’ designs.

With love in the air over the next week, I can’t see a better reason to nab a pretty note, scrawl something mushy, and pass on my appreciation of those I adore!


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