Step Outside the Box with Paper!

One of the most exciting components of art practice is appropriating one medium’s process in the creation of another. Techniques are transferrable–a point that is demonstrated by a great book we carry at The Paper Place called Babygami: Baby Wrapping for Beginners. This book is an instructional guide on effectively using origami folds to swaddle a baby. What a novel idea!

Babygami features step-wise instructions to help you fold your baby (or your new niece/nephew!) into a blanket as if the cloth were paper.

Taking inspiration from this book, I began thinking about other slippages between art practice and medium. Many of the staff at The Paper Place, myself included, possess sewing skills in addition to paper acuity. The result? Sewing paper!

Take a look at the project I executed with Babygami in mind. Though I completed the project using embroidery floss and canvas, the same could have been done using a lovely long piece of Mura Itaboshi Udaban. This paper measures 16.5 x 56 inches, making it perfect for a landscape-oriented project!

I appropriated the page layout and swaddle folds in order to tell the story of how some adults, “Adam” in this case, swaddle themselves in their comforters as they sleep. Et voila! “Adam-gami: Adam Wrapping for Beginners”! A comical twist on both origami and the traditional baby swaddling technique, my sewing project incorporated elements of paper art, sewing, and story-telling.

And so I challenge you to step beyond the borders typical art technique: try using paper as sculpture or fabric as paper. Mix materials with techniques create a unique style of art!


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