Washi Windows

Before it gets replaced with the fabulous collages from our March Break Kid’s Challenge; I wanted to document Nick Rubi’s mesmerizing window installation. Nick’s installation was conceived to give passersby the oppotunity to experience the beauty of our some of our Japanese papers, which we seldom have an opportunity to display.

 Close up and full view of washi windows

close up and outside of washi windows

Nick carefully attached long strips of different types of washi and Chiyogami papers and labeled them all with the proper name of the paper.

Close up of Washi names
Although these photos can hardly capture the sublime image of these strips of paper hanging in a gentle breeze, I hoped to share Nick’s beautiful windows with anyone who didn’t get a chance to experience them first hand.

❤ Mariel ❤


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  1. Faith says:

    Oh my… these are beautiful! Wish I could replicate them in my home without my toddler getting to them.


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