Intrinsic Colour and Texture

Everyone knows that Kozuke is one of my favourite papers. It is economical and it always responds to my commands.

For this slightly sculptural piece, I applied acrylic paint to strips of Kozuke. I usually dilute my paint until it is fairly watery, which creates a wonderful bleeding effect on the other side of the paper.

I had difficulty choosing which side of the individual strips to use in this work, so in order to enhance the amount of variation evident across the paper’s surface, I used both!

Adding texture to the paper by crumpling it (what a great sensation!) only intensified the succulent colour of the paint. I’m longing for the salty, turquoise waters of Lia Beach in Mykonos, Greece and am craving a sip of Mastika!


2 Responses to “Intrinsic Colour and Texture”

  1. velma says:

    beautiful texture and color

  2. Faith says:

    Oh how lovely! In art school I was obsessed with recreating the colours of the ocean… seems easy, but it can be incredibly hard to replicate! That paper looks dreamy…


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