Chi-chi-chi-chiyogami Nails!

I wanted to add a little bit more chiyogami to my daily life, so I chiyogami-ed my nails. To do so I used a pair of scissors, nail file, nail clippers, nail glue, clear polish to create this look along with the paper.

Using tracing paper (you could use any kind of thinner paper), I traced and cut out templates for each of my nails.  I numbered them, left hand and right hand, so I wouldn’t get confused later when cutting out the chiyogami pieces.

After cutting out each piece I then used the nail glue to attach them to my nails.  I put a small dot of glue on the middle of my nail and pressed the chiyo onto it letting it set for a minute.  I then put a little bit more glue around the sides to adhere them down.  If you’re trying this, be careful not to glue your fingers together or to the paper.  I found that using the tip of my nail file to press the paper to the sides of my nail worked best.  Make sure to follow the instructions of the glue you purchase for safe application.

Once the glue was fully dried I added a clear top coat to help protect them.  I cleaned up the edges by cutting or filing off any excess paper or glue with my nail tools. The colours in the paper darked once adhered and coated on my nails.  I really liked the finished product.

I used 445C, a fun green and gold stripe one week, and  619C, a soft floral the following week.

Try it for yourself at home and enjoy!



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  1. Laura says:

    Nice work! When I read the title I was thinking hardware nails but this makes much more sense! I should really give it a go as when I do nail polish it always runs off the edges!

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