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It’s Letter Writing Month!


This should be my favourite time of the year, given my reputation for verbosity when it comes to personal correspondence* (and now, blog posts), and yet… I haven’t written a physical letter in months. This is probably due to my terrible penmanship and specific distrust of the postal service. What do you mean my parcel will be in Germany tomorrow night?! How are you getting the horses across the water?!  I blame my inability to understand the workings of mail systems on the fact that I am secretly 98 years old. Maybe also why my penmanship is so terrible…


You know that feeling you get when you pick up your mail and amidst the bills and useless flyers for floor waxing is something sweet and personal from a friend? I decided it’s time to put aside the anxious eccentricities and spread that feeling. My friends know that I love making playlists, so my idea was to create small packages of cd’s paired with letters– adding an extra dancey-oomph to mail.



I used our kraft cd cases and Waste Not paper stocks to start my packages. I wanted to express myself in my choice of stationery, so I decided on a minimal palette of colours I love, and embellishments to tie everything together: ivory, kraft, hot pink, and gold . My first colourway, used in the packages photographed was kraft, ivory and gold. The second, not pictured, swapped gold for hot pink. I also wanted the packages to reflect the recipients, using stamp motifs to represent their personalities. In addition I used the same colourway to compose letters for those not receiving cd’s (mum & dad).


Making your own stationery, like putting together a mix cd, is about knowing how to edit yourself, building the impact by allowing your elements to stand out.



Paper Place Materials Used: Waste Not Paper (paper, cardstock, envelopes), Waste Not sheeted labels, Knot & Bow twine, Gelly Roll gold pen, Color Box stamp pigments, Kraft CD cases, Glue Runner (your new best friend).

BONUS SUMMER PLAYLIST: 1. M83 – Midnight City   2. Santigold – Disparate Youth   3. Phantogram – Don’t Move   4. Tricky – Far Away   5. Us Baby Bear Bones – You   6. The Birthday Massacre – To Die For  7. Blouse – Firestarter   8. New Young Pony Club – Lost a Girl   9. The Dandy Warhols – Holding Me Up   10. Imperial Teen – Butch  11. Giant Drag – This Isn’t It   12. Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks   13. American Analog Set – Punk As…   14. Mice Parade – Focus On the Roller Coaster   15. Papercuts – Charades   16. Labyrinth Ear – Amber   17. M83 – Wait

*True fact: My emails include footnotes.

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  1. Faith says:

    These look amazing! Your penpals should consider themselves so lucky!


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