One-Of-A-Kind Paper Craft Tools

When choosing a tool, quality and function are supremely important.  They have to work and they have to last.  But, it is the icing on the cake when quality and function meet beauty and good design, as seen in these handmade awls and bone folders, new at The Paper Place.


These lovely awls have hand carved wooden handles and are suitable for punching holes in paper, board and leather.  Their old-world feel and cork caps are just so charming. Each one is different, each one is truly one-of-a-kind!

These luscious bone folders are hand carved from wild-harvested elk bone found in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.  Tremendous care has been taken to craft these perfectly smooth and beautiful tools, they really are artworks all on their own.  They are perfect for scoring, folding, smoothing and burnishing.

The bone folder and awl combined are a paper crafter’s dream team!

I think I’m in love!

Update: The tools are handmade in the tiny town of Santa, Idaho by master bookbinder, Jim Croft. The awl wood is salvaged from burn piles and fallen trees. The elk bone is either wild-harvested from the forest or donated by local hunters.



3 Responses to “One-Of-A-Kind Paper Craft Tools”

  1. Jim says:

    Where can I purchase the bone folder?

  2. Sigrid Blohm says:

    I love my new Jim Croft awl for pre-piercing paper for stitching…so light in the hand. And the flat side keeps it from rolling off the table when I put it down.

  3. velma says:

    jim’s tools are incredibly fine.

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