Washi Tape Racing Stripes!

Few things have changed my life as drastically as washi tape and my new bicycle. So naturally, I decided to bring them together. Ever since I was little, any newly acquired object – a lunch box, crisp new notebook, a camera, computer, anything really – was immediately adorned with stickers. Gradually the stickers would fade or peel away, leaving an icky gunk on my latest prized possession. I vowed I would spare my new bike that grubby fate, and abstained from covering it in sparkly monkey stickers. But my life-long habit of embellishing virtually everything I own got the best of me, and I couldn’t stand that this new bicycle I was spending all my time with lacked the personal touches I require for…well, everything. The versatility of washi tape (Japanese paper tape that comes in a variety of colours and patterns, and is easy to remove and reposition) was the ideal solution.

I decided not to go too crazy the first time, and limited myself to three simple stripes in various shades of green washi tape (all currently in stock at the shop) wrapped around the front fender, forks, and handlebars. And when I get tired of them, I can just peel it off without worrying about gunking up the metal underneath, and apply new colours and patterns. I predict my new bike will have monthly makeovers, especially considering all the great tapes we’ve got in store right now!



2 Responses to “Washi Tape Racing Stripes!”

  1. az says:

    Looks great! How is the tape holding up? I’m thinking about trying something similar, but I’m worried the the tape will fall apart quickly.

  2. Laura says:

    Great idea! The stripes look great.

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