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A New Year of Memories

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

If you’re anything like me, every year you promise yourself to keep a better record of the years events, but can never seem to stick to it. Well, let us at The Paper Place help with that! With these “life story” journals there is no easier or more exciting way to stick to regular journaling.


With a seemingly endless number of pages, this gold-paged Life Story is literally a diary for your whole life. Including map pages for travel documentation, pages for photos, and lots of blank space for writing, this gorgeous diary will stick with you forever.


For those who are a little less committed to journaling for life, and maybe don’t have an interest in writing long entries, this Every Day memory book has a dated page for each day of the year. With five lined sections (one for each year) on each page, you can build a comparative record of your life over five years by simply jotting down a thought or event each day. Simple, and not so time-consuming for those with busy lives.


Finally, for those who are less interested in writing about their lives, but maybe more creatively inclined, here is My Beautiful Life; your autobiography in drawings. Each page has a different topic or subject to draw, some as simple as “what inspires me”, to more obscure and fun topics such as “contents of my sock drawer”. With an array of fun and commemorative topics, this silver-paged journal is sure to keep your life creative without the commitment of dated pages.


Come on in and take a look at these (and many more) journals available at the store, and start your year of memories off right!

- Emily


New Books, Great Craft Ideas!

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Looking for some great weekend craft ideas?  We just got some awesome new books in store!


Want to make some paper flowers?  Paper to Petal is a great new book with lots of helpful pointers on how to create beautiful paper flowers.  We have tons of different colours of crepe paper to help you make the perfect flower for any occasion.


Custom stamps are a great way to personalize gifts or cards.  Put Your Stamp On It is a new creative book if you want to start making your own stamps.  We have tools and kits for you to make your own stamps instore.


Papercraft 2 has some beautiful 3-D decorative paper sculpture inspirations that you can create from almost anything.  Grab and x-acto and some paper and you’re ready to start constructing your own creations.

Hope you enjoy a crafty weekend!



What do people do with this paper?

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

One of the questions we get asked all of the time is “what do people do with this paper”? One example would be the use of our chiyogami   paper used to cover these books. One is a lovely sized guest book and the other a sturdy journal. The guest book measures 7 x 9″ and has blank pages so your guests can add a personal message. The journal is 5 x 7″ and has blank pages to allow you to express your thoughts with words or drawings. I’m sure there is one covered in a pattern to suit your tastes.





Mastering Calligraphy by Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Since handwriting is a thing we all do all the time it’s tempting to think that calligraphy shouldn’t offer too much of a challenge. I’ve always just assumed I should be able to create beautiful lettering if I wanted to, but have been consistently unimpressed with my own efforts. Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls’ Mastering Calligraphy reveals the depth and complexity of the art form while offering meaningful and thorough information for the beginning calligrapher.

Mastering Calligraphy

Godfrey-Nicholls provides penmanship exercises, information on tools and papers, and instruction on different lettering styles. All the things you need to know to sit down and start practicing. However, Mastering Calligraphy also includes a historical look at the development of different styles and their uses, and profiles of a variety of artists.

The book is also packed with beautiful reproductions from the work of contemporary calligraphers, showing that calligraphy is not just a stuffy craft for writing names on boring looking certificates, but a vibrant and colourful art form. With a little work, some study of the fundaments, and a lot of practice, Mastering Calligraphy can help you gain some serious lettering skills and inspire you to create some beautiful and exciting words.


Production for Print by Mark Gatter

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Production for Print

Why, you may ask, would someone who is not a professional Graphic Designer care about the intricacies of preparing your images and documents for print? Loads of reasons.

If it’s ever been up to you to print a flyer or create a business card, and you just couldn’t understand why it looked so different in print than it did on your monitor, this book is an essentials guide that will make it all make sense. It is a simple and comprehensive guide to the secrets of tools like photoshop that will give you print production super powers. Even if you work with a Graphic Designer, and you think of all that stuff as their job, Production for Print will let you understand the tools and resources they need, and will help you help them do better work.

Maybe your job has absolutely nothing to do with Graphic Design and you don’t think you care about print production? Well, who doesn’t own a digital camera? Everyone takes photos of their families, friends, and the events that are important to them. Getting those images off your hard drive and turning them into real printed photos is a great way to preserve and share those memories.  Production for Print will teach you how to make a your dull photos bright, your dim photos shine, and make your colours jump out. By giving you the essential knowledge Production for Print will take your printed photos from okay, to awesome.


- Ian