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Make someone’s Valentine’s Day this year with a DIY card!

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of the chocolate-roses-overpriced-dinner-with-a-side-of-forced-romanticism version of Valentine’s Day, but I *am* a huge fan of any reason to make things out of paper…and telling people that I love how much I love them.

And so, I got a bunch of photos printed from a recent trip to chilly Saskatchewan and some cardstock from The Paper Place. They were supposed to be cards, but I forgot to pick up envelopes, so they’re now postcards! Easy-peasy.

I pulled out my sewing machine and stitched the photo to the paper, and stitched on a heart to commemorate V-Day, but if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can always glue the photos on, or use pretty washi tape instead.

I also woke up the other morning with a burning need to make a pop-up card (it happens!!), and Valentine’s Day happened to be the perfect excuse for a little x-acto creating.

I used a quote from “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, stitched the cover on thick cold-pressed paper and got the apple popping right out of the card on the inside.

The perfect accompaniment for V-Day apple pie, non?

Lindsay Zier-Vogel:


Hearts can travel through the mail!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

As soon as I saw this pink, red and white twine I knew some mini Valentines were just waiting to be crafted. First, I typed little messages in red on heavy weight paper, then I sewed hearts around the messages. The hearts turned out a little lopsided, but sometimes those imperfections make things sweeter. I tucked them into tiny pink and white patterned bags and sealed them with gorgeous floral washi tape.

I hope your mailboxes are filled with love this Valentine’s Day!


Items available at The Paper Place:

Divine Twine
Handmade Meishi (Japanese for “business card”)
Chevron Bitty Bags
Washi Tape in a wide variety of colours
Envelopes in a range of colours and sizes


Fold and Mail Can Be Just As Creative

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Fold and mail letters are my new best friend. They’re quick, easy and, best of all, pretty! Letter-writing can sometimes feel like a long and involved process. These letters are stationery and envelope all in one. So break out a favourite pen and gluestick and get writing!

P.S. Somehow these wintery landscape stamps seemed to suit the sweet floral letters.


Cozy Sweaters: Wear ‘em and share ‘em…with holiday wrap!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Another delicious guest post by Jaime Maddalena of Send More Mail!

It’s a pink holiday over here! These lined paper bags worked perfectly as envelopes for the bright holiday sweater paper. After adding some seasonal stamps and patterned washi tape the letters were complete.

Trusty letter-writing assistance at this time year includes:

– a cup of hot chai tea
– a light snowfall out your window
– upbeat holiday tunes
– vintage snowflake stamps


Three Holiday Wrapping Looks – Guest Post by Corinna vanGerwen!

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Besides the fact that I live around the corner from The Paper Place (making it more convenient than my local grocery store), I love shopping here because the selection of papers is so extensive and there are always treasures to discover. As a gift wrapping expert and paper addict, having such a great supplier makes creating stunning gifts so much easier.

When putting together a pretty package, choosing the materials is 90 percent of the battle – and the funnest part. And boy did I have fun selecting papers and embellishments for these three seasonal looks. I hope they inspire you to get creative with your holiday wrapping this year.

Woodland Reindeer

Being a carpenter’s daughter, I’ve always had a fondness for wood. A few year’s ago I was delighted to find wooden gift tags, and the options of shapes just keep expanding. This reindeer tag/ornament was the starting point for this gift.

I chose an Italian floral paper and flax-coloured linen ribbon to pick up on the colours of the wood. The gold linen ribbon adds a little shine, and combined with the reindeer shape, makes the paper more seasonal, proving you don’t have to limit yourself to “holiday” wrap.

In the end I decided not to write To/From on the tag, leaving it blank instead — more as a decoration. The reindeer is just too nice to be ruined with writing.

What I Used:
• Italian paper, $4.00/sheet
• Linen ribbon in flax, $1.50 per metre
• Linen ribbon in gold, $1.50 per metre
• Wooden reindeer tag/ornament, $1.50

Frosty Acorn

One of my favourite tricks for dressing up holiday packages is to add a tree ornament as a gift topper. You can pick up a set of inexpensive decorations, or make the ornament part of the gift by choosing a special one like this unglazed porcelain acorn. (I’m totally in love with unglazed porcelain right now.)

The acorn’s snowy colour inspired my choice of wrap: a Japanese decorative paper called Zen that reminds me of frost, or of skating marks on an icy pond. People often ask where I find such unique gift wrap. My secret is that I don’t always use standard wrap, instead choosing decorative papers that aren’t specifically intended for wrapping presents. Many of these papers are of comparable price to sheet wrap, making them no more expensive to use.

To add some colour, I went with lace ribbon in icy blue, then added a punch of red – what I think of as a very Martha Stewart colour combo.

What I Used:
• Zen paper, $3/sheet
• Lace ribbon, $1.50 per metre
• Red cord, $1.00 per metre
• Porcelain acorn tree ornament, $5.95

Santa Sack

This one is for all you traditionalists out there who like to stick to a green and red colour scheme.

The Paper Place has a selection of cute little goodie bags this year, in stripes, zig-zags and these polka-dot ones. Bags make wrapping presents super easy — it just takes a second to pop the gift inside.

For a gift tag, I slid a small note into a green mini envelope, then attached it to the bag with an adorable elf paper clip. So fun!

What I Used:
• Polka-dot bag, $7.95 per package of 10
• Mini envelope, $0.32/each
• D-Clips Christmas edition, $9.95 per package of 15



Corinna’s Bio
Corinna vanGerwen knows gift wrapping. A former design editor with a fine arts degree, Corinna writes articles about gift wrapping for some of Canada’s leading national magazines, including Canadian Living, Style at Home and Best Health. Visit her website at for more about her gift wrapping services and workshops, and to read her blog Corinna Wraps.