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Hello Birdie!

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Here’s a great idea for making a mobile for a baby’s room … study … or … anywhere. Using Chiyogami paper we folded these birds from the Robin pattern in Florence Sakade’s book ORIGAMI – JAPANESE PAPER FOLDING.

bird 1

Using waxed linen thread we strung the birds together.

bird 2

Not wanting to perform a “balancing act” we simply hung the winged ones from a KIKKERLAND PHOTO MOBLIE.

bird 3

Tweet Tweet!

bird 4



Origami Flower Card

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Spring is here, and I thought I would fold some Origami flowers. I found a variety of origami flower inspiration in the book, “Origami Flowers” by Kazuo Kobayashi.

For this project I used the Morning Glory instructions found on page 23. It was a fairly simple flower to fold.


After I had folded a variety of Morning Glory flower sizes, I arranged and pasted them on a card, made of Nepalese paper.


This card was super fun and easy to make. I’m going to send it to my mom for Mother’s Day. :)




Fresh Folds

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

A few years ago, inspired by some simple origami my partner Jeff had been playing around with, my dear friend and photographer Evonne asked him to collaborate on a series of photos. Evonne headed to The Paper Place, collected origami papers that suited the feeling she wanted to capture, and picked up the book ” Folding Techniques for Designers” by Paul Jackson.


Hundreds of pieces of paper and crisp precise folds later ( I watched this all happen from my couch) an array of beautiful geometric models were born.

Evonne shot the pieces close up, in a studio with bright natural lighting. The photos have been made into large scale prints, the images so wonderful, it’s hard to tell if it’s a painting, a photo, or that its even an image of paper. These pieces have been shown at the Trinity Bellwoods Art Crawl and were feature at the 2013 Artists Project.





You can see more of Evonne’s artwork at

Thanks for taking a look!





Harajuku Girl Themed Birthday

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

My friend is Harajuku Girl obsessed and it naturally became the theme for her most recent birthday. For her gift I made a simple paper cut and put it in an inexpensive Ikea frame. Holla! As an added bonus I folded cranes using brightly coloured chiyogami and them embellished them with tiny satin bows. Holla, Crane style! Everyone dressed up in costume but I am a not a dress up kind of person so I made some masks to wear. Gwen Stefani eat your heart out. Holla!

Paper Cut Out

Paper Cut Out

Harajuku Cranes

Harajuku Cranes

Crane Detail

Crane Detail

Party Masks

Party Masks



Paper Kaleidescope!

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Here’s a really fun paper craft you can try out – besides being mesmerizing by itself, it makes a great alternative to a card! Try it out as a belated Halloween card, a birthday card, a holiday card!

paper kaleidescope_header

Here’s how to make it and what you need! paper kaleidescope_01

paper kaleidescope_02

Here’s a short animation to demonstrate it’s capabilities in action! (you may have to click the image)


Here are two templates for the Paper Kaleidescope – just save and print!

paper kaleidescope_03

paper kaleidescope_04

Happy Trick-or-Treating!


The Paper Place