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Digital Printing on Fine Handmade Paper

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

At the Paper Place we’re often asked whether our papers can be printed on by standard inkjet or laser printers. Many of our papers yield beautiful results with just a simple inkjet printer. That said, we always recommend buying a sample sheet of your desired paper and testing it, whether on your own printer at home, or a facility of your choice. Some of our papers have a very fibrous texture, and may pose problems for certain printers, so it’s important to test, or ask a print specialist before investing in either a full sheet or large quantity.



In my practice I work with a lot of antique and vintage photographs or illustrations, manipulating them for my series work. In the past I’ve printed on watercolour paper, but since I started at The Paper Place, I’ve been exposed to so many different options of paper more appropriate to the aesthetic I work with.


I wanted a slightly warm-toned, natural look to this piece, so I went through the Naturals collection. Our Gampi Torinoko paper has a beautiful smooth surface, and warmth that I found perfect for what I wanted. I bought a sample sheet, 8.5×11, and took it to two print shops. The first was hesitant to try it, given the papers rough hewn edge, and suggested trimming, that is IF they would do it at all. The second print shop took the paper as it was and charged me a dollar.


I’m very happy with the results! I will be matting the image in a black, circular board and framing to square both at 8×8″ and 20×20″.


julia martin : this is your life "coda"


Gampi Torinoko White Handmade 20×30″

Sample Sheet 8.5×11″


julia martin - this is your life "coda"


(Please Note: This Is Not Your Life, Is a forgery of a childhood’s worth of photographs, made by pasting my head on different bodies. I’m not creepy, but my work is.)