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New Paper, New Cards

Friday, May 24th, 2013

We’ve recently added some new papers, tissues and cardstocks to our collection available instore.  I love making cards for any and all occasions; sometimes I like to send cute handmade cards to pen pals instead of a plain old letter.  I used some of the new Japanese Decorative papers and Cardstock to make a bunch of different cards this week.

add a liner

There are different ways to add a little something extra personal to your cards.  You don’t have to stop decorating at the card.  I added custom envelop liners, one with some washi tape bunting to one to match it’s card.  I decorated the cards using washi tape, paper punches, rubber stamps and a hand cut silhouette detail.  I used (from left to right) the Kin Sunago Teal, Peacock, and Sudare Aurora White for these cards.

liners close up

I love the pale confetti bits and shimmer in the Sudare Aurara White.


I decorated the front of the envelopes for these cards.  I also made a mini sized card to give a friend in person (it’s not a mailable size).  Our blank Table Setting Cards with a Bitty Bags (both available instore) make a great mini card and envelope set.  I use our Flora and Fauna stamp set, stickers, rubber stamps and paper cutouts to decorate.  The paper I used (from left to right) Kin Sunago Azuki, Roketsu Gold, and a mix of all the new papers for these cards.

front close up

I think the Roketsu Gold is beautifully simplistic.  I didn’t want to add too much to this card and mainly let the paper speak for itself.


I decorated the flaps of the envelopes for these cards.  For one I used a different coloured paper with a new Vintage Letterpress stamps to match it’s card.  I added some new stickers to the flap of the other envelope for a little extra sparkle too.  I used (from left to right) Imaizumi, Pearlized Filigree on Champagne, and the Tanabata Cardstock for these cards.

flap close up

The Imaizumi is great if you’re looking for a pearlized white paper with an organic woodgrain/rippling water effect.  It’s one of those papers that it easy to match if you just wanna add a little bit of decorative paper to your card.



Getting Ready to Grow with Seed Storage Packets

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

The end of March means, snow melting away, spring is on the way and it is time to start thinking about the garden!  The end of March also means my Dad’s birthday is upon me. Since he is an avid gardener I thought why not put together a little package of seeds that he can get started over the month of April in preparation to plant outside when the sun is shining?!  So that’s what I did!


I wanted to make my store bought seeds special… I found the perfect paper at The Paper Place – Cavallini decorative paper covered in images of vintage seed packages and vegetables. It is a pretty durable paper, so I decided to make a couple of toggle envelopes that my Dad can reuse to store seeds and planting info.


I just winged the pattern, folding the paper around and cutting a small flap to glue at the bottom and a large flap at the top to open. I used a circle punch to cut a couple of discs out of chipboard for the toggles, fastened them with brads and strung some waxed linen thread around them to close the package.  I made two – one for vegetable seeds and one for flower seeds, then labeled them so with a couple of manilla shipping tags, fabric washi tape and vintage style labels (also by Cavallini).


With the left over paper, I cut out bits to collage a handmade birthday card, wishing him a happy day and successful growing season!



My Dad thought they were great and is now ready to start plotting his 2013 garden!

“Planting is an experiment in growing” – Tom Marchand, My Dad

Everything I used for this project can be found in-store at The Paper Place (except the seeds of course)! Cavallini decorative paper, Cavallini vintage labels, waxed linen thread, card stock, circle paper punch, brads, A7 envelope, linen washi tape, Yamato glue stick, cutting tools and rubber letter stamps & stamp pads… and the beauty of working at The Paper Place and having a craft supply shopping addiction is that they can all be found at my house too! In my crafting drawer !



Old School Library Card Notes and Bookplates

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

It’s the middle of June and that can mean only one thing: school’s out! As a bookish little kid growing up in Toronto, the end of the school year marked the beginning of frequent visits to my local public library. I have fond memories of walking from the library to the park, carrying my weight in borrowed picture books, that I would spend entire afternoons reading in the grass. This time of year makes me nostalgic for that old book smell, the sound of crinkling plastic dust jackets, the thump of the librarian’s rubber date stamp on the Date Due card, and the soft swish of the card being slipped into the manila pocket stuck inside every book, reminding me of exactly how long I had to enjoy it. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when we received a shipment of Knot & Bow’s Library Cards – a set of 25 Old School Book Cards – that look exactly the way I remembered.

Using some of my favourite Decorative Italian and Chiyogami papers, I decided to make some Library Card pockets. I made a simple template using the measurements of the Library Card, and then cut it out of the Decorative Italian paper. I used just a small scrap of Chiyogami as a liner.

After a few simple folds and gluing of flaps (I used our Coccoina Potato Starch adhesive, mostly because I love the almond-y smell!) my pocket was ready.

I like to use the library cards for leaving notes and reminders, so the pocket works great as an envelope. Or, you can paste the pocket inside the cover of your favourite book, and turn the library card into a personalized bookplate!

– Kalpna


Decorative Paper Envelopes and Liners

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

I believe that first impressions are most important.  The outside should be just as special as the inside, so why not try setting the mood with handmade decorative paper envelopes!

Envelopes can be made out of just about any kind of paper you like.  I chose papers that complemented the notes and cards I was mailing. Matching the paper inside to the envelope to create an unique set. I made them even better by adding corresponding liners to the inside of the envelopes.  What a nice surprise to receive in your mailbox!

Katazome-shi and Nepalese handmade paper combined for some nautical inspiration!

Soft and pretty Italian paper note to send to someone sweet!

Bright floral Chiyogami lined in Japanese metallic to hold a special Katazome-shi postcard!

Washi tape embellished escort cards enclosed in baby Kiri-ita paper envelopes, so cute!

I made all of these envelopes and liners with super easy to use template kits!  New in store at The Paper Place, these kits have standard mailing sizes 4bar, A2, A6, A7, 5.75 square as well as a little baby coin envelope.  Definitely a must have for any avid card crafter!



Hearts can travel through the mail!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

As soon as I saw this pink, red and white twine I knew some mini Valentines were just waiting to be crafted. First, I typed little messages in red on heavy weight paper, then I sewed hearts around the messages. The hearts turned out a little lopsided, but sometimes those imperfections make things sweeter. I tucked them into tiny pink and white patterned bags and sealed them with gorgeous floral washi tape.

I hope your mailboxes are filled with love this Valentine’s Day!


Items available at The Paper Place:

Divine Twine
Handmade Meishi (Japanese for “business card”)
Chevron Bitty Bags
Washi Tape in a wide variety of colours
Envelopes in a range of colours and sizes