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Printing Etchings on Gampi Silk Tissue

Monday, January 10th, 2011

I recently printed some etchings on “Gampi Silk Tissue”, one of many great Japanese printmaking papers available at The Paper Place.

Gampi is the inner bark fibre of a bush that grows wild in Japan and has been used in Japanese papermaking for centuries. In fact, it was one the of the first papers developed in Japan appearing in the 8th century under the name hi-shi, which it is occasionally still called.  Gampi paper is ideal for intaglio printing and chine-collé because it has a natural strength and a lustrous sheen.
“Gampi Silk Tissue” is a delicate, translucent paper that prints beautifully. Although I was extremely impressed with the quality of my prints, I found the tissue to be somewhat tricky to work with when wet. All gampi papers become quite slippery when wet, but since the silk tissue is a very thin paper, it nearly disappears. I would recommend spritzing the paper with water, rather than immersing it before printing.

“Gampi Silk Tissue” is a machine-made paper, which makes it an affordable choice for students. I was very happy with my results and I can’t wait to work with “Gampi Silk Tissue” again.

– Emily