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You Say “Goodbye”, I say “Hello”!

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Sometimes you just feel like saying hello. These cards fit my recent letter-writing mood perfectly. I adore the nostalgic designs. Remember rotary dial telephones? I sure do!

I made little packets of sweet dot stickers and tucked them into the envelopes. I love getting tiny surprises enclosed in letters, so here is hoping my penpals will be delighted too!

The letters were completed with current Queen postage, stamped with vintage-looking rubber stamps and sealed with gold and white striped washi tape. I’m off to the mailbox now.

Happy writing!



Fold and Mail Can Be Just As Creative

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Fold and mail letters are my new best friend. They’re quick, easy and, best of all, pretty! Letter-writing can sometimes feel like a long and involved process. These letters are stationery and envelope all in one. So break out a favourite pen and gluestick and get writing!

P.S. Somehow these wintery landscape stamps seemed to suit the sweet floral letters.


New Year, New Crafts!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

New Year’s is a time for self-reflection and, in an effort to improve upon the previous twelve months, resolutions are often made. Many of us at The Paper Place are ambitious in our art project planning throughout the year–so much so that, at times, the end of the year is accompanied by the realisation that not all of our projects were brought to fruition!

This year, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get an early start on some of the artful endeavours I’ve been fantasizing about since last year. Many of them are timely and have even helped to commemorate the fun I had tying up 2011.

Making your own picture frame is fun and fairly simple given the online materials that books like Paper + Craft supply you with. Photo frames are great when paired with all of the fun pictures you snapped over the holiday season. Take a look at this one of my best friend, Belinda, and I!

Making this frame was as easy as selecting one 8 1/2 x 11 ” piece of card stock and two same-sized pieces of paper weight. From the wide variety of material The Paper Place carries, I chose black for the card stock, “paper bag” for one of the pieces of paper, and “linen ivory lightweight” for the second. From there I downloaded templates from the Paper + Craft link above, layered my frame cut-outs, and added a playful safety pin detail using a paper punch. Divine Twin is a great way to hang my framed photo as it isn’t very heavy.

Even though many parties occurred during the month of December, January finds us with plenty of reasons to celebrate, including Chinese New Year, a new job, or a new baby in the family! Why not adorn wine, juice, or water glasses during social gatherings with silhouette animal glass markers? They are playful and help you remember which glass is yours!

I made these using black card stock, animal stencils, and an X-Acto knife. The cut-outs can be adhered using Yamato rice paste with no harm to your glassware as the adhesive is water-soluble and non-toxic. Alternatively, double-sided tape will do the trick!

Speaking of silhouettes, many brides-to-be have begun to come in to plan and design their wedding invitations. I always like to give my dear friends a black paper-cut silhouette wedding portrait to capture such an exciting and memorable event in life. Starting early is key if I have learned anything over the years, so January isn’t too soon to start planning to collect materials and tools! Take a look at the last two I executed!

From all of us at The Paper Place, best of luck in 2012 and take the new year as inspiration to plan so fun, artsy projects!


The Holidays Rush In at The Paper Place!

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

As the weather turns more and more inhospitable with the onset of winter, The Paper Place staff has focused their energy on making a warm and welcoming environment for patrons using an exciting variety of creative and decorative ideas! The holidays are a wonderful time of year to access your–sometimes tentative–creative inner-self and with a vacation days saved up, you might actually have the time to execute a project! Spruce up your hallways, foyers, and living rooms with some of the following ideas!

Taking us on a tour of some of the holiday tree offerings is Jolly Mr. Peanut Claus, a fun eraser that bears a strickingly realistic resemblance to an actual peanut. A great stocking stuffer for both children and adults, this little character was made festive with a holiday hat using red paper stock, gold washi tape, and a decorative felt ball adhered to the paper with Zip-Dry Paper Glue. Each of these components plus the wide array of others at The Paper Place can be rearranged and used to make holiday cards, tree ornaments, or even a lovely wreath for your front door. So, off we go!


Here is Jolly Mr. Peanut Claus spending time under a fuzzy felt tree.  Watermark Tissues such as the one featured in the background here (Hempflower White) are an easy and interesting way to mimic a snowy landscape in winter scenes and diorama decorations.

Jolly Mr. Peanut Claus looks dwarfed by this aesthetically minimal and sleek wooden tree.   No Vancouver Giant, this piece is a neat way to top a side table or sideboard and can be loaded up with streamers, ornaments, and garlands galore!

In this scene, Jolly Mr. Peanut Claus is hanging back to observe nature.  These delicate porcelain reindeers can both stand freely as a miniature or be hung from a tree as an ornament.  Also pictured are felt squirrel and tree ornaments that go from 2-D to 3-D by slotting separate pieces together.

As a final destination, our now seasoned (salty!) Mr. Peanut Claus has chosen the company of two beautiful Japanese figures.  Hand made by Toronto-based artist Sumiko Saito, these special tree ornaments are a super representation of skillful craft and Japanese decorative paper.  Behind the happy threesome is a paper tree decoration that effortlessly unfolds from a small triangular parcel into a lightweight table adornment.

Jolly Mr. Peanut Claus thinks holidays can be so much fun and so do we at The Paper Place!  Come visit us and take a look at the myriad of other gifts, decorations, and materials we have in store to make this winter the most beautiful and festive yet!


A Season for Letters–Send More Mail this Fall!

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Summer was holding on for quite some time but it seems as though autumn has officially arrived in Toronto. This season is letter writing season. Break out the hot chocolate, big band music and colourful stationery and you’re set!

I fell head over heels for these little animal musicians! I rummaged around my vintage stamp collection until I came upon some elk, bear and whale stamps. A well-suited match I’d say! These letters are now on their way to friends in Ontario, California and England.