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It’s time for…

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


holiday wrapping

Hopefully this post isn’t discouraging to those shoppers who have not quite crossed the final item off their list this season, but with the 25th drawing near it’s time to focus on not what is inside the box but out!

The perfect gift needs the perfect wrapping to complete the experience. The outside of your present is a chance to get creative and The Paper Place has all sorts of neat little extras to make your gift stand out under the tree.

The first step of a fantastic gift is the wrap itself! Have a look at our beautiful and colourful sheets and rolls!


Every perfectly wrapped present needs a pretty ribbon or bow! We have rolls upon rolls of ribbon by the metre as well as adorable divine twine that is appropriate for any gift.

christmas twine

Keep track of who is getting what with some cute printed kraft tags or enclosure cards!

kraft tags

If anyone is looking for some wrap inspiration take a look at these presents done up in holiday coloured Chiyogami and funky nepalese papers, topped with our sparkly and satin ribbons.

nepalese present

chiyo present

tags and ribbon


Personalizing your own christmas tags is a fun holiday craft. We have lots of tags in various colours in packs of 25 just waiting to be decorated! The tags shown here were stamped with red and gold pigment, and tied with some fun cord.

I hope this post has gotten everyone excited to start their wrapping! If you’re feeling inspired come on in to The Paper Place to explore all of our festive goodies, you’re presents will be too pretty to open!



Pastels for Spring

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Hi, I’m Kate, and I have a confession to make: I love girly, light colours.

Since Easter is the only time of year where I almost totally get away with it, my first blog post is a celebration of pastels. We’re all yearning for spring these days – I propose we all meditate on these powdery hues to encourage the frost.

Warning: For those allergic to pink… Just think of them as “very light reds”.

Rifle Paper Co. makes lovely cards - both blank sets (with envelopes) and for occasions.

Rifle Paper Co. makes lovely cards – both blank sets (with envelopes) and for special occasions.

Festive (loot?) bags and paper straws. Party!

Festive paper bags and straws. Party!

Pastel letter-writing... Sharpie Ultrafine markers come in some fantastic colours.

Pastel letter-writing… Sharpie Ultrafine markers come in some fantastic colours.

A selection of blank journals. It is literally impossible to own too many blank journals.

A selection of blank journals. It is literally impossible to own too many blank journals.

A selection of blank journals. It is literally impossible to own too many blank journals.

Washi tape (decorative tape with limitless applications) will never let you down when you’re inspired by colour. We also carry a variety of twine and gift tags for when you feel the need to embellish.

– Kate



Holiday Quick Crafts

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Want to get crafty, but can’t find the time this busy December?  Here are 3 quick ideas you could try to fill that crafting void and make something great!


Instead of the standard evergreen wreath, try switching it up with a jumbo wooden snowflake for your door.  I used gold paint to glam up the plain wood, but why not try some washi tape or metallic pens to add a bit of detail.  Make it really spectacular with an origami bow made from glittery candyflake paper.

Wooden snowflake, washi tape and glitter paper can be found at The Paper Place.


Dress up your homemade (or store bought) goodies to give as a gift. Glass cookie jars and jam jars are easily made festive with cute holiday labels, manilla shipping tags and and a bit of raffia.  Just a little goes a long way to making it special!

Cute sticky gift tags, shipping tags and raffia in a variety of colours are available at The Paper Place.


So easy and fun, these ornaments look so good you will become addicted to making them!  Take pre-cut wooden shapes and cover them with washi tape, trim the over hanging tape around the edges and string them up with Divine Twine, perfect!  If you don’t like the trimming part try decorating them with rubber stamps.

All sorts of wooden shapes, washi tape, twine, rubber stamps and inkpads are of course, from The Paper Place!



Delicious Lovelies just in from Japan!! Part 3: Luscious Labels & Gift Tags

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

In our third segment featuring some of our new products from Japan we are focusing on gift labels/cards and tags. These are sure to add a special touch to your gift wrapping… or card making… or journalling…. the possibilities are endless!













D.I.Y. Last Minute Gift Tags

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

d.i.y. gift tags

These last minute d.i.y. gift tags are simple and easy to make. They add a personal touch to all your presents.


The following materials are mostly optional – but working with a pair of detail scissors make cutting fine details easier and more precise. The rice paste glue stick is also great because it is very versatile and could be used on different textured papers as well as tissues.

I made my gift tags with:

plain tags
plain labels
a vintage picture book
sharp detail scissors
decorative scissors
yarn / ribbon
glitter / stickles
assorted decorative paper
rice paste glue stick / glue pen
miscellaneous craft items












For this gift tag, I used a glue pen to precisely adhere loose glitter on certain parts of the picture.






Happy Holidays!