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Sonya Sheats

Monday, March 12th, 2012

I recently came across the work of an inspiring artist named Sonya Sheats. Sonya practices fine French Bookbinding. Using traditional techniques, she incorporates very modern design and materials such as paper, cloth, leather and wood into her handcrafted bindings. When i think of bookbooking, I usually think of it more as a craft or a very traditional skill, so it’s refreshing to see someone treat it as a contemporary art form. Her work is amazing and truly unique.

^ Cross-structure binding in Chagrin goatskin.

^ Cross-structure binding in Chagrin goatskin.

^ Full embossed leather binding with colored foil tooling.

^ Full buffalo leather binding with decor in salmon skin.

^ Full Oasis goat leather with decorative tooling.

^ Full embossed leather binding.

Visit Sonya here to see more samples of her work!