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Constellation Charts

Friday, June 27th, 2014

I made two Constellation Charts for a friend of mine.  They’re all the constellations that can be seen in the night sky, in Canada, in June and October.

Star ChartsI used the Sumi-e ink on the 6×8″ pieces of Etchu Hagaki for the background.  Using a Metallic Silver Sharpie I drew the oval and the Roman Numerals.  The holes were created using an awl as well as the Martha Stewart Screw Punch for the larger ones.  I then connected the dots with a pencil.


I liked the subtle look of the pencil on the black ink.  You get a different experience close-up and far away.  I used floating frames to really let the light shine through the holes.




Crafting with Dresden Trims

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Of course I had to wait until after the holidays to post photos of cards and crafts I made as gifts for Christmas this year. I’ve been really inspired by the Dresden Trims we carry in the store. Made in Germany from antique paper moulds, some of which are over 100 years old. We carry a variety of different shapes and colours of these fun paper shapes, most of them covered in gold foil. I was especially taken with the arrow and antler shapes we carry, and worked them into my holiday crafting.

I used the arrow shapes as inspiration for my cards this year. I thought I would play on the idea of seasonal fruits, I chose a pear, a clementine and an apple, and made it look as if a gold arrow had been shot through them! I used Nepalese papers and origami papers to make the fruits. I also made use of the Make Your Own Card packs we sell in the store in a variety of  sizes.



The results were quite luxurious and rich. Paper cutting crafts can be time consuming, but using good quality tools can help. I made sure I used a self healing mat and a fresh Exacto blade when cutting papers, and I use Coccoina glue sticks for all my pasting. I used the left over Nepalese paper to make an envelope liner for the cards. A simple effective way to customize your cards even more!


I also made a smaller simpler small gift item using the antler Dresden Trims and some of the wooden shapes we sell in the store. A wooden badge shape and the antlers, with a bit of help from a fine Le Pen, helped me make these cute, very canadian looking fridge magnets!



These were so simple and easy to made. A dab of white glue and a stick on magnet roll is all you really need. I made a whole bunch of these and packaged them up with little tags for a cute little holiday craft that can stay on your fridge all year long!



The store is full of little treasures that may inspire you to craft something this year. Being artistic doesn’t need to be complicated, sometimes you just need to find the right materials to work with!

Happy crafting in the New Year!



Holiday Bunting

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Now that it’s December holiday decorations are going up everywhere.  I wanted to make something easy for my  apartment to make it a little bit more festive.  I love bunting.  It’s simple, classic and easy to store once the holiday’s are over.


I used our solid coloured Nepalese paper for the flags in Green and Red.  They have great bright, vibrant colours that really make the lettering pop.  I cut triangles with a little extra flap at the top to fold over and glue onto the Divine Twine in Cherry.  I taped them to the wall using Washi Tape.

close up 2


I used the Petite Damask and Petite Fleur (pictured above) as well as the Cameo and Droplet Patterned Nepalese papers for the letters.  I love the petite prints on the brightly coloured papers.  I used different printed papers in the same tabac and white colour so it wasn’t too overwhelming to look at from afar.  I really wanted the red and green holiday colours to shine through.

Come on in and pick up some paper or decorations to make your own space a little bit more festive!



Crepe Paper Flowers

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Crepe paper has recently arrived to The Paper Place in 31 gorgeous colours!!! Oh the crepe paper possibilities!!! The sheets are very large and measure 20 x 90 inches and they are sold for $2.00 a sheet in the store.

Once I saw it, I immediately wanted to make crepe paper flowers. Crepe paper flowers are another way to add everlasting floral element and a bit of nature to any space. Many people are using crepe paper flowers at weddings as an alternative to real thing. I think they are equally as beautiful and a very economical (yet a little time consuming) option. They are much more durable than real flowers and will hold up during lengthy festivities. They can be matched to your event style and colours and you can have whatever flowers you want regardless of the season.

Dennison Crepe Paper Company has been creating crepe paper since 1922 and that is where our paper is from. We found the vintage instructions and templates online from books that have been scanned. Scroll down to the very bottom of the PDF file to find the templates and browse through tons of different flowers.

You may find a more modern set of instructions but we think the original, vintage ones are very cool. Here’s the link below:

What you will need:

-Crepe paper in a few different colours (I got about five so I could experiment)

-1 Roll of floral tape


-Cloth wrapped floral wire

-Petal and leaf templates (downloaded from the link above)

Simply follow the instructions from the slides and you’ll be turning out flowers like nobody’s business. I ended up making the dahlia (continuous petal method) and tulip (single petal method) and put them in a vase for a bedroom bouquet. I am so excited to try out more colours from our selection and make more lovely flowers. Here are a few photos from my flower making session. Enjoy!!!

Downloaded templates

Downloaded templates


Dahlia Stamen

Dahlia Stamen

Flower before curling process

Flower before curling process

The beginning of the curling, flower is starting to form.

The beginning of the curling, flower is starting to form.

The completed flowers!!

The completed flowers!!

- Leah


New Paper, New Cards

Friday, May 24th, 2013

We’ve recently added some new papers, tissues and cardstocks to our collection available instore.  I love making cards for any and all occasions; sometimes I like to send cute handmade cards to pen pals instead of a plain old letter.  I used some of the new Japanese Decorative papers and Cardstock to make a bunch of different cards this week.

add a liner

There are different ways to add a little something extra personal to your cards.  You don’t have to stop decorating at the card.  I added custom envelop liners, one with some washi tape bunting to one to match it’s card.  I decorated the cards using washi tape, paper punches, rubber stamps and a hand cut silhouette detail.  I used (from left to right) the Kin Sunago Teal, Peacock, and Sudare Aurora White for these cards.

liners close up

I love the pale confetti bits and shimmer in the Sudare Aurara White.


I decorated the front of the envelopes for these cards.  I also made a mini sized card to give a friend in person (it’s not a mailable size).  Our blank Table Setting Cards with a Bitty Bags (both available instore) make a great mini card and envelope set.  I use our Flora and Fauna stamp set, stickers, rubber stamps and paper cutouts to decorate.  The paper I used (from left to right) Kin Sunago Azuki, Roketsu Gold, and a mix of all the new papers for these cards.

front close up

I think the Roketsu Gold is beautifully simplistic.  I didn’t want to add too much to this card and mainly let the paper speak for itself.


I decorated the flaps of the envelopes for these cards.  For one I used a different coloured paper with a new Vintage Letterpress stamps to match it’s card.  I added some new stickers to the flap of the other envelope for a little extra sparkle too.  I used (from left to right) Imaizumi, Pearlized Filigree on Champagne, and the Tanabata Cardstock for these cards.

flap close up

The Imaizumi is great if you’re looking for a pearlized white paper with an organic woodgrain/rippling water effect.  It’s one of those papers that it easy to match if you just wanna add a little bit of decorative paper to your card.