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Indie Publishing, by Ellen Lupton

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Bookbinding is a beautiful craft enjoyed by many. However, what if you not only want to make a book, but also to fill it with stuff? And then make a bunch of copies of that book?  And then get all of those copies into the hands of people who will read them?

indie publishing coverThat’s a whole other ball game, but today it’s no longer just the business of big publishing houses, anyone can do it themselves. If it seems like a daunting task, and you don’t even know where to begin, check out Indie Publishing: How to Design and Produce your Own Book.
Ellen Lupton, Graphic Designer, Curator, and Educator, has mastered the art of teaching the essentials of design and production. Indie Publishing is a simple and accessible book, with sections like “Publishing Basics,” “Design Basics,” and “Production Basics.” It doesn’t dazzle you with the intricacies of of fine bookbinding techniques, or the complexity of the book market. Rather, it gives you just enough of just the right information to make a book, to design it well, and to distribute it to your audience.
While there are some folks who have an unpublished novel or a poetry manuscript on their hard drives, this book is not just for them. It’s also for someone who may want to make some photo albums for family gifts, or to commemorate an event, to record their thoughts in a more hand on format than a blog, or even to make a business presentation more attractive. Graphic Design has a thoroughly zeitgeisty status these days, Ellen Lupton demystifies it and make it accessible to anyone.

“RUGS”, A Handbound Zine – the talents of our staff member Eunice Luk!

Monday, May 24th, 2010

At The Paper Place we love to encourage the creative talents of our staff!  Eunice is an OCAD student and has recently put together this amazing zine…


‘RUGS’ is a handbound hardcover publication that gathers work from seven emerging illustrators whose work explore different erratic and humorous viewpoints. The book focuses on illustrations that share a similar graphic aesthetics and eccentric appeal.

The publication is a new approach to the popular and fast-growing zine culture of today, exploring the possibilities of the print medium in an archival form not common to the contemporary ‘zine’. Each book is case-bound by hand, created with archival materials and has a structure that will support many years of handling.

The beautiful multicolour interiors are made with our Non-Japanese Paper – acid-free and 30% post consumer waste. The cover is screenprinted on Japanese machine-made momi in ivory – a lovely texture to add as a cover.

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